What is a BeeCoin TM ?

BeeCoin is a permissioned block chain, that is used on collaborative projects leaded by Technoplane SAS [FR]. It is a covered by the Lesser Open Bee License 1.3 with Technoplane SAS as coordinator. Part of the blocvk chain is managed with open source information and part of eschanges are manage with private information. Within those private information, there is two parts. One is between multiple participants of projects and on e is only managed with Techhnoplane SAS that is coordinator of the permissioned block chain. Provinding private information is mandatory to be included within Bee Coin system. Exchanges are valid when ownership has been approuved and when currency mouvements have been realized. Dates of actual mouvements are proof of exchanges. Decentralized exchanges are included within permissioned block chain and included within central system.

3 Types of BeeCoin

Explanations and differences

Bc0 BeeCoin Type0

Join us by sponsoring an academic partner of one of the projects.
Beecoin type 0 helps partners to developp projects with students from Engineering universities or technical academics partners.

Bc1 BeeCoin Type1

Became shareholder of Technoplane. And help us to devlopp passion and traction for our collaborative projects.
Shares of Technoplane are followed by a semi-centralized collaborative cryptocurrency. A private blockchain has been developped to manage shares of the company. It is a capital based blockchain.

Bc2 BeeCoin Type2

BeeCoin Type2 is a private investing tools proposed by technoplane, based on share purchase warrant. Contact us for more information.
Warrant are managed with Beecoin private collaborative blockchain. It allow developps of projects coordinated by the company. It is a private invesment instrument base on french private company laws. Owernship and exchanges are at the end centralized with Technoplane private company. Exchanges are decentralized between members according to Lesser Open License 1.3 with private and public information.