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Became shareholder of Technoplane. And help us to developp passion and traction for our collaborative projects.
Shares of Technoplane are followed by a semi-centralized collaborative cryptocurrency. A private blockchain has been developped to manage shares of the company. It is a capital based blockchain.
Technoplane is technical coordinator of research project within aeronautical fields and also IA industrial data analysis. Fund raising is helping us to increase our capabilities. Projects are higly collaborative and benefits from this financial input. We provide services that make the company profitable. The fundraising based on Bee Coin is a unique way of creating a ecosystem. Based on a collaborative block chain that aims to be used on a collaborative air traffic management system, this virtual currency is accessible to everybody. The standard token is equal to one share of the company. Then each share can be split and managed independantly. The currency is directly linked to Techno plane financial value. Be carefull not to mix with other BEES COIN or BEE TOKEN. Different actors proposes to buy coins with projects linked or not linked with bees or bee’s hive. The original BeeCoin Porject is linked to BEE-PLANE and MIN-BEE projects. Beecoins are used under french investment law and regulation. Technoplane company is based in France. Investors can come from different countries. Do not hesitate to contat us and invest in our technical projects. It will allow funding for scientif benefit and research. The road map of project is shared on the wiki and also on single demand. Whitepapers of Technoplane developments is available in the investor area. The token is manage according to the Lesser Open Bee License. You can buy BeeCoins now.
Bee Coin can be converted to euros and recover in cash on single demand according to company financial criteria.
The aim of BeeCoin block chain is to implement a positive future for air mobility. Beecoin price is defined according to company general assembly rules. Votes are made on the complete number of Beecoin available. Evolution share price is available on demand. It is stable for now since the beginnning of the company.